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Invest in Your Child

Fitness is more than being active, it's life changing

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Student Athlete

It Starts With Accountability

There is a reason that the word "Student" comes first. We need to emphasize the importance of maintaining a good GPA.

If two kids are of equal skill athletically, the kid with the higher GPA will receive the scholarship. 

Accountability is where it all starts. For example, I make my youth clients do extra conditioning for missing assignments.  

Get Ahead of Competition

Demand for Youth Training is Increasing

Every parent of a student athlete wants to see their child earn a scholarship. This desire has increased the demand for personal training to give the child an edge over their competition and peers.

Even at a young age, developing coordination, form, and technique shows a drastic increase of performance and will help that young athlete to stand out in comparison to those who have not received training.


Overcome Unfair Advantages

Life, and Sports, are Political

There is a mental battle that takes place in the sporting world. The politics of sports can greatly affect a child's  confidence and their desire to continue playing their respective sport. 

A coach playing his son in the same position as another parents' child is an example of this, and can lead the young athlete to believe that they are not good enough despite possessing more than adequate skill.

Your child will receive guidance on how to properly deal with these situations and be able to use that as motivation instead of a deterrence to their future athletic goals.

Humble - Methodical - Meticulous

Assassin (n): killers who plan out their method of attack before striking with precision, getting the job done efficiently and effectively

Our philosophy starts with hard work and being diligent. We train to be in control and not lose our cool. We are able to adapt to any situation that a sport, or life, throws our way.

What our Families Have to Say

The Young Silent Assassins

Silent Assassin Performance

Evin Brown - Young Silent Assassin

I’ve gained a huge advantage in my athletic abilities now that I’m working with silent assassin training I started at not touching rim and now I’m dunking also my 40 yard dash time went from a 5.1 to a 4.8 or 4.7.

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