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The Silent Assassin Program

Guaranteed Performance Improvement


Private Training

For the individual that is starving to achieve their goals. For the person that craves nothing but improvement, and is ready to do whatever it takes to become a Silent Assassin.

Private Training offers the ultimate opportunity to reach and surpass your fitness goals. With my undivided attention, your sessions will be the most productive that you have ever experienced. 

Semi-Private Training

For the individual that is ready to improve their level of fitness, and doesn't mind working in a group. For the person who uses others as motivation, who sees another individual conquering their goals and gets motivated to do the same.

Semi-Private Training offers a great opportunity for you to improve your overall performance while continuing on your fitness journey. With my ability to conduct group exercises, while also providing the necessary training to help you improve, your productivity will be unlike any other workout you have had.

Becoming A Silent Assassin

Road to Performance Enhancement


Core, Balance, Plyometrics

Start With A Solid Foundation

Speed, Agility, Quickness

Increase Overall Athleticism and Coordination


Resistance, Conditioning

Improve Stability, Strength, and Power

Flexibility, Nutrition, Recovery

Your Journey Doesn't End When You Leave The Gym

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