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Journey of the Silent Assassin

Humble - Methodical - Meticulous

My name is Khalil Valenti Malik Kennedy founder of Silent Assassin Personal Training/ Performance Enhancement LLC. I am currently Training in the East valley area and I’m out to help not only athletes achieve their goals but anybody with grit and determination to make a change in their life.

I went into the fitness industry with a passion for helping people accomplish the goals they were told they couldn’t do. This passion stems from my athletic upbringing in sports where I was constantly the underdog for not being physically imposing. Never being the biggest or the fastest athlete on my teams and was late bloomer to top it all off, leading me to usually be one of the smaller kids on the team. With that came the infamous word CAN’T, having coaches tell me I wasn’t playing because of what I couldn’t do and not caring about what I was doing well.

That left me with two choices quit playing sports or keep working and shut those coaches up. Every milestone of success was met with another critique, but I relished every challenge that was thrown my direction. The success wasn’t without failure, but I knew that in order for me to achieve my goals failure was a part of the process that I had to use as an experience to make myself better.

Having told myself that I didn’t want to see another athlete go through the politics of what I had to go through and with it came my inspiration to become a personal trainer, one that will Instill knowledge and an undying will to succeed no matter what the odds people tell them are. I believe in breaking the mold, that means being different and not doing something because society says that’s how its supposed to be done. Highlighting an individual’s strengths while silently correcting their weaknesses.  I specialize in training athletes but my passion for helping people through fitness is universal, we all have goals that are important to us whether it be an athlete trying to play a college sport or a mom looking to stay in shape to keep up with her kids. Perfection is something we all should strive for but never attain because when there’s perfection there’s no more room for improvement and we should always strive to improve. 

With that being said AssassiNation it’s time to Assassinate!!!!

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